Bipolar UNITED Worldwide
Interactive & Educational Support

Conversations with the Afflicted & Affected
Founder & Host

Marcy Rubin, CPC
Certified Professional Life Coach

Life Coach For The Bipolar Community Worldwide

Marcy is highly respected among the bipolar community for her positive attitude, kindness and unconditional support. Hearing her personal story, along with professional life coach training, clients successes, time mentoring, hours educating herself and the constant interaction with the mental health community and you'll understand how her perspective of the illness has transitioned over time. Today Marcy navigates her place in this process by comfortably stepping into the role as life coach, mentor and friend.

Marcy's passion to help the Bipolar Community gave vision to Bipolar United Worldwide. This unique support system encourages open conversation between the afflicted and affected. Her goal is to close the gap of communication between people diagnosed to others who witness Bipolar from the outside. Marcy believes there isn't a better way to educate the community then understanding the struggles through sharing opposing experiences.