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What does recovery look like?
Is it real or are we just excepting limitations?
Who decides when You are in recovery?

Having trouble explaining your needs?
Frusted that no one understands your point of view?
At Your Breaking Point?

Let talk about Bipolar and how it affects ourselves and the people around us


8:00 pm (EST) 7:00 pm (CST) 5:00 pm (PT)
Call Duration: 1 Hour

Cost: Free
(with the exception of your local phone charges)

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The Difference between illness and wellness is "We"
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How often do you avoid going to a Bipolar Disorder support group because of time, distance or maybe the possibility isn't even an option? What if we made it easy to get the same live interactive support from the comfort of your home? Would you make an effort then?
Welcome to Bipolar-United Worldwide. We are safe, supportive and caring interactive group made up of a mixture of everyone in the bipolar community. Moms, dads, sisters, brothers, friends, spouses, volunteers, partners, boyfriends, girlfriends, clergy, caregivers, employers, mentors, coworkers, doctors, neighbors, sons, daughters and so many more. 
The group comes together over the phone on the Second Tuesday of each month, We begin the call with a specific  topic(s) related to bipolar disorder and then open up the discussion. Everyone is encouraged to speak up, ask questions, share stories, struggles, tips and resources. 

To join the conversation you simply call in on a telephone conference bridge-line enter an Access Pin code and you're connected it's that easy

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Our Story

All too often those diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and the people who lovingly care for them become caught up in the frustration caused by the many aspects of the illness. When this frustration sets in consistent and effective communication breaks down. Marcy's vision was to close the gap of communication by encouraging open, honest and educational conversations.

With this goal in mind Marcy pulled from her experience as a Professional Life Coach, to launch a positive solution to this situation, and she founded
Bipolar United Worldwide an interactive and educational support system. Marcy knows having group conversations creates a valuable source of information for everyone in the bipolar community.
Marcy's vision was accomplished by offering a safe atmosphere of unconditional support that members could easily access all from the comfort of home. To join the interactive conversation you simply call in on a telephone conference bridge-line, enter an access PIN code any you're connected. It's that easy.